Surnames was created in 2019 by Liam Anastasia-Murphy. Anastasia-Murphy moved back to the Boston area in 2017 after spending half a decade in Virginia performing with the indie-folk outfit Griff’s Room Band. This folk upbringing colors the vocal arrangements and harmonies heard throughout Surnames’ music, but the tone and instrumentation of this new project land it well outside the folk sphere. Relaxed vocals and poignant lyrics that are “ of pretense and…often can find several shades of emotion in one lyric” (Divide and Conquer) flow alongside smooth guitar riffs through warm sonic textures. These Days, Surnames’ debut EP, is in part a tribute to the multitude of soundscapes one can hear while on the coast of New England. The rhythm of waves and hum of the forest are mirrored in the spacious arrangements and subtle cacophonous moments while verses meditate on how we live and what we care about. “Surnames’ debut record These Days grips you immediately with its smooth indie rock, tinged with a surfy vibe and sprinkled with natural sounds that enrich each atmospheric track”(The Deli Magazine). Debut EP, These Days, is out now on all major streaming platforms.